One Wish

March 16, 2017

It was a warm, barely moonlit summer night
when my friends and I decided to go for a long drive,
taking unnecessary turns to kill time before the show.
The car had two fresh sheets folded in the back
so we could lie down on them when we got there.
Music blasting, we were singing our hearts out--
it probably didn’t sound nice to the residents
who were sleeping that night.
But we didn’t care what everyone else thought
because we knew that we wanted
to enjoy the night no matter what.

We pulled into the school so we could
pick a spot out on the damp field.
Strolling through the grass we found
the perfect spot, under the dim brightness of the stars.
Each taking a corner of a sheet,
we laid them out and arranged ourselves
in sung positions. We realized that the sheets
weren’t big enough for all of us
but we didn’t care as long as we had a clear view.
Checking the time, making sure we didn’t
miss the first falling star. One flew by, then
five more shot across the dark sky.
In every direction, stars rushing in opposite directions.
Wishing on one star that the night would never end.

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