Something For Her

March 16, 2017

He felt lifeless and cold
surrounded by people
dressed in black who all claimed they cared.
They would attempt to comfort him by saying
It’s going to be okay and
I’m here if you need anything
But these were only words to him
passing through his ears down to his heart and
generating only more heartache and grief.
They had no meaning of hope to regain the first
friend he had ever grown to love.

He was asked to say a few words
infront of friends and family
who were all mourning
in their own ways.
His aunt was sobbing uncontrollably with fists
full of tissues.
His uncle, stormed
out before the service even began
because of the anger and frustration
he was carrying on his shoulders.
As for his father, he sat quiet with a face like stone.

After taking a deep breath he began with,
Thank you all for being here today to celebrate the life
of a friend, a sister and my mother.

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