Essential Elements

March 16, 2017

This wind guides you places
that you never knew you could find.
It carries you away from  the from shoreline of
people telling you that you aren’t good enough.
The continuous breeze has your hair
intertwined within the branches of hope.

This fire fills you with passion and determination
to love deeply and succeed.
It burns away all the lies you tell yourself
each night just to get a decent sleep.
The sparks you feel are always rekindled
even after the forest fire has settled in your mind.

This soil helps grow the dreams you wish
to see blossom on your darkest days.
The thick mud let you build your home
but only in the sweetgrass you desire to smell.
You hold this earth in your hand until it crumbles away
but you find yourself with an abundance.

This sea envelopes you with lust and
takes you to an abyss that fills you with faith.
The warm water hides the tears you cry
so the bystanders don’t see you struggling to breathe.
Yet, the current brings you to other oceans
and lets you bathe in the affection you deserve.

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