Loan Some

March 16, 2017
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Sitting outside on crumbling steps,
Whether it’s booze or heartache,
they both burn the same.
You stand up wobbling back and forth
and suddenly your whole world feels upside
down as you stumble through the crowded sidewalk,
listening to cusses and boos from strangers with no reason why.
The sun is gradually fading from amber to plum,
it feels as cold as your ex-girlfriend's heart.
You wrap your tattered jacket around your
gaunt waist in hopes to keep you less than freezing.
But you know that's a waste because the only thing
to keep you snug in the winter is a wood
burning fire. You ferociously search and scavenge for scraps
of food in dumpsters and trash cans because your kids kicked you out.
Would they feel the same hatred for you
If they realized how brisk the air is?
Some say males can conquer all
but you know that's a lie.
This weather is a thing no man can defeat;
it will annihilate the man.
In your old, deteriorating tin can
you add up a sum of three dollars
and seventy five cents.
Thankfully, that’s enough to buy
a beer.

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