The Spirit of Adventure

March 16, 2017
By MasonMcGonagle BRONZE, Gilford, New Hampshire
MasonMcGonagle BRONZE, Gilford, New Hampshire
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Everyone seeks the adventure
The overwhelming addiction of liberty
Explore there
Do that
Regret this
Experience filling each pore with oozing "fun"


I have been through the gauntlet of no.
But knocked down by myself before I even began
I decided to watch instead
Some went right through as remorseful as they could
Some got tangled in the middle
but once you're in,
the options of return are revoked


A red rose takes my focus from the ground
It brings my gaze up and open
There is more then the gauntlet?
It is colorful and bright
Tickling and soft
Adventure is out there,
Only inward not out


The rose fills my senses with purposeful scent
Warming touch
Intimate taste
Advising music
Inspiring beauty
Roots to petals
My white knuckles refuse to let go
Until the rose falls over my detailed fingers
Loses all of its pedals,
I will still love my rose like the first time I picked it
when I was just a kid
To find the spirit of adventure was my rose the whole time
But don't crumble
There are plenty of flowers out there
Just look in for them

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