Always a Jedi

March 16, 2017

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away
Sheets surround us built from otherworldly metals
A safe haven from our invisible assassins
We can train in peace
Unseen lessons
A bigger creativity
Enjoyment of life
A bond we won't forget
We each receive our symbols of these traits
Plastic that glows bright only to those who look
Attached to my hip my hilt of a thousand smiles
And also him, on a thousand missions
The greatest team in the galaxy


As lightyears fly by
My hilt collects dust instead of droid parts
Hidden away, while other missions become my priorities
Tasks constructed only to send me far far away
My partner cherishes each moment before  
My starship launches
He returns to our base almost every day, except that safe haven is in ruins
And our impenetrable metals are soft and warm, cycling in a machine
I stumble upon my old hilt, buried in years
I rush to show my best friend
I hold it out to him with a smirk
Unexpectedly a tear cripples down his expression
He takes a deep breath
blows the dust off and reaches into his bag he pulls out his hilt, and says
"I always have it, no matter how far far away you go, always a Jedi, always the greatest team in the galaxy"

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