Before You Knew

March 16, 2017

In a new place, I wasn’t looking for you
I didn’t even notice you but you found me
And from that moment on I was all you thought about.
You said I was the most beautiful girl you had ever seen
I guess you hadn’t seen that many girls.
When I didn’t answer any of your countless texts
You didn’t get the hint because you would keep sending me hey’s
I didn’t make things easy for you when I would walk fast past you in the hallway.
You were patient, understanding and persistent.
Whenever I would talk to you I was trying to be nice but
Making meaningless small talk with you bored me
My own problems consumed me and you knew that.
Warning you that I was a mess, that I was something already broken,
I don’t know what made you decide that you could fix me.
There were plenty of other girls who weren’t as troubled as me;
Because I wasn’t ready to have someone be mine
Clearly I wasn’t relationship material, I had a bad history.

I was freaked out, insecure, neurotic and emotional,
But with you I was just fine.

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