The Image of Love

March 16, 2017
By MasonMcGonagle BRONZE, Gilford, New Hampshire
MasonMcGonagle BRONZE, Gilford, New Hampshire
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What does love look like?
Everyone asks the question,
But no one ever has a good answer
That was until I was about nine years old
And I had a plan


First, I asked my teacher, she taught me miles of knowledge,
An endless stream of lessons,
She giggled, stuttered and told me
"Just look at your mommy and daddy"
Shocked by her humorous approach to my quest
I knew by the first glimpse of amusement on her face her answer was garbage,
But that brought me to my next option


I took my teacher's advice, but my mission was useless when I recognized my
"Mommy and daddy" were finding new intern mommy's and daddy's for me that would soon
Be replaced just like the original,
So I didn't even bother, I was running out of options,
Until it came to me



Grandpa and grandma had been married for 60 years and my old buddy was a serious Man and I knew I could always count on him,
So during our usual lunch at the village store
We both got sandwiches and were laughing up a storm,
This was my time!
So as our tears of laughter faded away
I asked my elusive question,
Unexpectedly, another tear followed,
A different tear then laughter but not sadness, or happiness either.
Curiously I listened intently
His answer was "well, it looks different to everyone, and someday you'll see it for yourself"
We finished our sandwiches and went home
Disappointed in my results I gave up on my quest


Ten years later, my wise old friend passed away,
At the funeral they had his life framed around tables
Captured moments of an experienced life
One moment caught my attention
Ten years ago, my best friend and I playing by a tree on a swing,
That same unknown tear that crawled down my grandpa's face ten years ago
Eating sandwiches at the village store,
Struck down my own face.
I took the picture and hung it up next to that same table at the village store
To help the next old buddy, give a better answer

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