India: When A Globetrotter Visits

March 30, 2017
By Suhani BRONZE, Jaipur , Other
Suhani BRONZE, Jaipur , Other
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To venture into the foreign lands he was excited,
To traipse through the peninsular land united.
To discover history reaching back 5th millennium,
To savour all the facilities premium.

All of the astounding architecture,
Stones carved into beautiful designs in many a structure.
Taj Mahal is on Yamuna’s south bank,
Its notability has not even shrank.
Qutub Minar is a soaring high tower of victory,
Its splendor and grandeur does never bid valedictory.
The Red Fort was the Mughal’s palace for hundreds of years,
On its elegance and beauty there is not even a smear.
Gateway of India is the starting point for explorers in Mumbai,
Its aura is incredibly pleasing to the eye.

India is endowed with almost all the topographical features,
Mountains, rivers, islands and plains full of strange creatures.
Those not awestruck by the Himalayas are only a few,
The highest peak of Mt. Everest chats with the tall painted blue.
The rivers of India are incredibly religious and sacred,
On their banks there is no aura of hatred.
Almost all civilization is on the coastal and northern plains,
On these lands, many a river drains.
572 picturesque islands lay on the Bay of Bengal,
Tourists swarm them summer, winter and fall.

And if talking, what about many an Indian city?
All of those metropolises considered extremely pretty.
Goa with its beaches and Portuguese colonial sites,
Leh with Himalayan palaces set high.
New Delhi with exquisite Mughal architecture,
Agra’s iconic Taj Mahal is in full splendor.
Jaipur’s pink palaces and 18-century observatory,
Hyderabad’s enthralling and intriguing Mughal history.
Chennai’s foot-tapping Tamil music and dance,
Varanasi is known to leave everybody in a trance.

Come to India, my friend, and with the monuments take a picture,
Celebrate Diwali and Holi madly with no strictures.
Sing our songs and dance to our tunes,
Give a visit to the mountains, rivers and sand dunes.
Explore cities and with different people have a blast.
Don our beautiful costumes and leave many aghast,
View all the achievements we have surpassed.

India believes, “Truth alone triumphs”,
Sometimes there is golden silence.
India says, “Thou art the rulers of the minds of every person.”
With violence, the situation would worsen.
India sings, “I bow to thee, mother.”
Between good and evil, good will always smother.
Look through the dictionary, dear visitor, look through the encyclopedia,
But the word next to ‘magical’ will always be India…

The author's comments:

I am proud to say that I am Indian, and so is everybody living in this amazing subcontinent. Its secular nature, its beautiful scenery, its diverse cultures and its welcoming people are some things that make India memorable.

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