Questions with no definite answers

March 30, 2017

When I look at life eye to eye, what I’m faced with are five questions. The first type of question is how. How do we exist in this world? This question is what science relentlessly pursues. Although science is an extremely powerful way of looking at life, there is still no final answer to that question. The second type of question is why. Why do we exist in this world? Our purpose? This question’s answer lies deep in art. Through creative art, people express what they believe why we exist, but there is no right or wrong answer to this question either. The third type of question, the one with more than one right answers, making it a controversial one, is what. What have we done so far with the world? Some might say that we have accomplished great things while others might say that humans are corrupt and that we have only done badly so far, destroying the world again a question with no seemingly right answer. The fourth and final type of question is who. There are two questions of this sort. First, who do we owe all of this to? This question is what thousands of religions claim to possess the answer to, therefore there is more than one answer and the answer depends on the person. The last type of question is rather personal. Who do I want to spend my life with? This question is the only one with an answer I can provide and the answer is you. From when I first laid my eyes upon you until this moment in precious, limited life. The happiness you have provided has shone a light upon a part of me which I gave up a long time ago, the part of me that causes me to smile. I can only hope all I do for you does a fraction of what you do for me. You make Me whole.

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