March 29, 2017

I love you
I'm Jealous that you're happy now
I hope you're running in the meadows
This world wasn't for you
I'm jealous you found a way out before me
It's hard for me to say this
You left 
without a word
If I knew today was your last
I would have made it your best
Hoping that you would run into my arms
Pounding me down with your kisses

You took your last breath as I kissed your now dry nose
Your body of warmth is gone
It hurt so bad 
Reality is sitting in
The light can't even brighten the darkness in my heart
I’m dreading being without you

I'm missing you
I can't think straight
I'm confuse with life and death

Dust to dust
Ashes to ashes
You lay on my mental
I drown heavily into depression
These tears won't go away
Your my best friend
Why did you go 
Why did that car speed up 
Is this my fault?

I can't feel your present anymore
I love you so much
I'm jealous you left me for the heavenly blue sky

Wait for me I'll be there soon running in those same meadows too.

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