The Infinite Universe Theory

March 29, 2017
By Anonymous

What if there were a thousand universes

A thousand possibilities

A million

A billion

More than anyone has ever tried to count


That means

That anything is possible

The impossible may be occuring

As we speak

But we don't know it yet


This means

That there is a universe

Where I am the person I've always wanted to be

All my flaws are gone

I am worryless


This means

That there is a universe

Where I have no problems

No responsibilities

To weigh me down


But by far

My favorite universe is the one

Where I am one hundred percent me

And I don't need to hide anything from anyone

I am allowed to be myself


But for now

I'm stuck in this universe

I may be a different person somewhere else

But here

I am not


Maybe there's a reason that I'm in this universe

Right here

Right now

Maybe there's a purpose

That I have yet to figure out

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