The man who lived on the sea

March 29, 2017
By KC323 BRONZE, Park Ridge, New Jersey
KC323 BRONZE, Park Ridge, New Jersey
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There was a man who lived on the sea

He’d only come home for his afternoon tea
Not for his wife, children or home
He always felt best by the ocean foam
One day he came back, reluctant and tired
His wife said she had just been fired
He would have to live on the land
He would have to say goodbye to the sand
He couldn’t, he wouldn’t
They didn’t understand that he shouldn’t
It was there on the sea
There on the sea
When he filled his tea glass up with whiskey
Where he drank the night away
So he decided to stay
“I’d rather die than move back here!”
Then he was banished and couldn’t come near
His family who realized they were better off without
A father who was always out and about
Instead of with those who matter most
He’d rather be along the coast
He came back once to say goodbye
But what he saw made him cry
His family was happy together, inside
His daughter was becoming a bride
But he wasn’t supposed to see
His daughter, the bride to be
His family not longer cared
If he was alone on the sea and scared
It was all his fault and he was alone
He had been removed from his high throne
This man who loved his family
Less than he loved the sea
Was now all alone with no company
Because he didn’t treat them right
They were going out of sight
Without him
They didn’t need him
After he started drinking, they never needed him

The author's comments:

I really love the ocean and I felt like writing something that didn't have a happy ending, because I feel like I never get the chance to do that.

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