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March 29, 2017
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For the long as i can remember i always

had this void in my life

An empty feeling deep,deep, down inside

That i want to go away away but it doesn't

as hard as i try

We have great happy moments then when the moment

is over it all comes rushing back

And no matter who you are you want to ease

the pain and frustration

And the cause can be unknown and people wouldn't

even know how you felt the pain all day

Everything hasn't been childlike for me in my life

I was 10 thinking is there a god, and about death

and what happens next

My heart inflamed and filled with uncertainty of

things I have no control over, or things in general

I guess  that's why i surround myself with people hating

to be alone like a 3 year old at midnight

Everyone wanting me to study football field

no one knowing i want to study fish

This is karma to what i did to isabella

She was the most beautiful angel-like and in the night

I hear the screams that say “error 3w dl34”

They say brush it off but i don't even have

a comb

I feel like people look at me and say “what a fricking shame”

or “he doesn't even have a name”

And don't give advice if you cant take it yourself

Im asking you to listen im not asking for

your help

Maybe i need to be disciplined smack me with a belt

I have been dealing with school, depression,

Women, expectations from my friends and family

I can't keep living up to these expectations peer

pressure, drugs, alcohol, decisions

And as i live longer i see everyone is a hater

me , my mom, my dad, your sister, your aunt,

Your uncle, the boss the mayor everyone around including the waiter

“Error 3w dl34” i mean “error help me”

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