Living On the Field

March 29, 2017
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Where I’m from, grass and
dirt is a lifestyle,
the lights shine down and give that
late night buzz only stadium lights
can give

Us players only know to yell as loudly as
possible on the field for communication,
this reason is because of the parents,
grandparents, aunts and uncles,
they cheer for their son,
then there's silence

The batter steps up,
gets settled in by stirring the dirt up
and positioning his legs for his stance,
here,s the pitch and the batter swings,
it's a miss
he takes a breather and steps out of
the batters box,
he steps back in for his second attempt,
the pitcher goes through his wind up,
the ball is straight down the middle,
the batter swings and the ring of
his aluminum bat rings,
his parents and the parents
of his teammates scream with
the ball travels through the air
out of sight,
it’s goes over the fence and it's gone,
a home run

At some times we will wonder
what it will take to win,
but we will never
no matter what
hang our heads low,
where i’m from is a baseball field,
the smell of sweat
and grass
is the distinct smell of a baseball field,
without a doubt this field is home,
and i will call it home as long as i can walk
in short term,
I will call it home for as long as I live.

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