I Should Know Better

March 29, 2017
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I’m just a stupid young teenager
I have no idea what I’m doing
When I say I love my boyfriend
I get, “you should know better”

When I think I’m independent
When everyone tells me grow up
I start to do things on my own
But still get, “you should know better”

I got a new job
That I work in addition to sports
I’m a 24/7 student
But I still get, “you should know better”

When I’m five minutes past curfew
Because I lost track of time
Sorry I was enjoying myself
There it is, “you should know better”

I watch the people around me
I take in their every action
I see things and try to duplicate them
But then, “you should know better”

Well I’m sick and tired of hearing it
I’m done with that stupid phrase
I’m human and still finding my way
So I shouldn’t listen to another word you say.

I haven’t seen all that life can give
I’m getting little tastes at a time
I’m still a senior in high school
Not an adult with a full time job

I have more responsibilities
Than you give me credit for
I’m over listening to your phrase
Because I know better than that. 

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