Mountain Eyes

March 29, 2017
By Anonymous

people trail mountains to find souls
i myself find my fingers gliding across the rocks
so often my fingers dip into the crevasses of her edges
my fingers often trail her sides searching for a bump i've missed before
i can't miss even a bit
not her base, not her stomach, not her eyes
oh her eyes
never miss her eyes
the most breathtaking part is her eyes
the view she holds and the rivers she sees
i myself have not allowed these eyes to witness anything but hope
her eyes they have seen wars
they've seen the storms that the mightily crafted hands above brace her with
she mountains above so high and bold
yet her eyes are soft
they twinkle with little hope left
her sadness often staining her sides as the trails of hope fade with it
she finds herself running her hands down her sides
my eyes never leave hers
at last her bottom rock crumbles
into my lap she all falls
here in ashes i lay
crushing mountains i did
my soul i found in her absence

The author's comments:

Yes, the lowercase is intentional. I wrote this saying that people find themselves in seeing others crumble which is sadly how society has become. It is rough, but we also are there to help people.

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