March 29, 2017
By samantha Bacon BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
samantha Bacon BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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tell me again just how much you love me,
how much you truly care
tell me all the tales you want,
im afraid I just wont hear
because actions speak louder than words my love
and yours have spoken
loud and clear

let me tell you
the things they have told me
what they've said
about you and i

They've told me things you wanted to hide
They've let me see into your mind
They've given away all of your intentions
You will use me
and once you've taken all that there is to take
You will leave me behind

there was once a time where I believed each and every one of your lies
but my dear I am no longer blind
for you have opened up my eyes
"I love you baby, truly, madly."
this you've said
and by it you have sworn
our kisses no longer have meaning
our fingers which once were  intertwined
loosened overtime
our hugs have lost their warmth

your gentle touch
has become harsh and angry
what was light
has been consumed in a black mass of hatred
a dark void
from which I want to be free
and so I fight
I fight the urge to cry
I fight to one day escape this hell
I take whatever pain it takes
for me to work up the courage
to finally stand up for myself
and scream

let me go!

this isn't what I wanted
I never meant for things to go this far
I never meant for you to hurt me
I never thought you would
I was wrong

each "I love you"
is a new scar
each "baby""doll face""darling""dear"
is a metaphorical bruise on my skin
as if you know
how badly I want you to love me
and are making a point to rub it in

right now I am broken
not physically but mentally
you have killed me with your words
but that is fine
because I am the one at fault
for ignoring your actions
which made it so painfully clear
that you were never really mine

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