why do you cry?

March 28, 2017
By My-Little-Kitten<3 BRONZE, Wapakoneta, Ohio
My-Little-Kitten<3 BRONZE, Wapakoneta, Ohio
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Why do you cry?
Why do you cry?
Why do you heave
The sad moans
You gave up
You gave in
Now death is what you can depend
On when nothing else seems to be working
Here, your tears rolling and you’re crying so hard you’re jerking.
Did you hurt yourself?
Did you try to die?
Did you kill the last thing that stepped out of the light
And into your dark conner
No sooner than you start
You already departed
From the light and into the dark
With no love in your heart.
Did you mean to say those things?
Did you know what those feeling means?
Those thoughts that bring up the past
The past brings up feelings
You want nothing but those killings
To turn around and turn on you
For the darkness was meant for you

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