March 28, 2017
By , Westerly, RI

Hashtags control the media
Young and old
Information in your hands
True or false
You believe it

Hashtags control movements
How you see aspects of them
It all depends on the hashtag you use to search
Convincing you to think one way or another
About identity, about society, about race

The movement itself
Around the world
Not just a fad or a trend

You can do it
Create your own hashtag
Share your knowledge
Have a voice

An activist for black lives matter
Fighting for their rights
Happy with what they’ve accomplished
Wanting to do even more
Everyone stands together
Not separate but as one

Hashtags can do that
Show what the people using them stand for
Sides and stories
A network of people
Real people
Who are trying to make a statement
Make a change

Hashtags can do that
Controlling the media
Both young and old
Changing opinions one by one
For good or for bad
True or false
Hashtags have that impact


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