I Love You the Color Gray

March 27, 2017
By alicenguyen BRONZE, Braintree, Massachusetts
alicenguyen BRONZE, Braintree, Massachusetts
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I love you the color gray.
Sometimes it’s the silver in your eyes,
Sparkling like diamond dust as you smile.
Or your platinized sneakers,

Your old white washed jeans,
Always wrinkled at the sleeves, grubby or clean.
Oh, the gray that glitters! The gray that shines!
The gray that makes me feel like you’re mine.


I love you the color gray.
Sometimes it’s the ashy shadow in your eyes,
Cold and harsh when you look at me from aside--
The ugly gray that dulls the silver shine.
Like the cold dense fog, blocking the sunlight;
Like the burning smoke, choking me inside.
Oh, the gray that blisters! The gray that’s stiff!
The gray that withers away my “what if”.


How I could pour my heart out, wishing only if
Your love is as black as coal, as white as cloud
Like a black-and-white chessboard

Where you’re the crown; and I,

Always trying to win you until I fall down.
But no! Your heart is never black and white
But the color gray.

The gray that can be
Dark as charcoal, on your white hemmed vest and dancing shoes
Swaying, swaying away, whispering the bitter “Adieu”.
Or light as porpoise, a pure pearl with a touch of blue,
Glittering on my hand, on that day when the boiling sun
Softens at the touch of yours.

But if your love is black, where could I find
The delightful white on your teeth as you smile?
Or if your heart is white, where could I find
The playful black, fleeting in the air when you turn back?
So pardon me, I revoke my wish!
Because I only love you, oh how I would only love you
The color gray.

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