Bright Lights

March 27, 2017

Dark lights
Bright lights
Music loud and blaring
My body is moving
My hips are swaying
My hands are waving
Mind washed away
Little cups of forget-the-world
Still burn my tongue
My throat is on fire
Dark lights
Bright lights
Vibrations in my blood
Every part of me is moving
Though my mind is far away
Sweat drips from my brow
The world is spinning
I can’t stop dancing
Dark lights
Bright lights
A rough hand grabs me
My body is moving
So is another’s
In my ear there is breathing
Against me there is thrusting
My heart is screaming
Stranger hands touching
Pain I am feeling
Dark lights
Bright lights
I am pushed away
My body has stopped moving
My hips have stopped swaying
My hands are at my face
My mind back in its place
I remember what I wanted to forget
Tears start falling
Dark lights
Bright lights
I’m gone.

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hwoodruff98 said...
Apr. 9 at 9:22 am
Wow, this was really well done! I think the simple, fragmented lines work really well to display a mind far away and then someone who is very upset. The emotion is very strong here. Well done! :)
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