Seasons of Food

March 27, 2017

Bursting, flowers escape their frosty prisons as

dew wets the blades of grass like condensation on a cold drink.

Buds blanket scrawny branches

as chipmunks venture from their winter homes in search of food.


Squinting, the sun blazes overhead as the cat stretches out on the

baked pavement.

Wind flows through fields as birds soar overhead

scouring the ocean of green for food to refresh their tired wings.


Detaching, leaves fall from their homes and color the ground,

crackling beneath the feet of hikers on a trail.

Bears line the rivers

as fish leap into their bellies, keeping them warm.


Crunching, the fox steps lightly on the frozen snow.

Tilting her head, she listens for the sound

of her dinner scurrying beneath the snow.

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