Building the Perfect Calzone

March 27, 2017
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Pepperoni chosen first,
bacon creates a crunch,
peppers generate color,
and cheese the foundation.
chosen to build the perfect calzone.

The pepperoni, sliced to thin circles,
the bacon, cut to be sprinkled across,
peppers craftily placed to make a picture,
with cheese spread in layers to give it ground to stand.
The cook does these to build the perfect calzone.

Placed over the flame,
the dough turns to a crisp brown,
the cheese turns hot like magma inside,
as hot as the flame below it.
The fire transforms these to build the perfect calzone.

Removed from the flame,
it’s prepared for it’s final journey,
and placed in front of me.
I take a bite
and reminisce in memories of past calzones.
All to eat the perfect calzone.

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