March 27, 2017
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One's incapability of looking inside their own hand mirror
Shouldn’t reflect
on you.
at times, their mirror may be cracked
Or  tossed away by the people they thought
they could trust.
                         One’s mirror
may not have ever been a mirror, but moreso
the dust
creation of something
its form could take the shape
that showed a
One's capability of feeling the superiority
                   above another
Shouldn’t make you
Because at times, for them,
inferior became a casualty.
Inferior became a recurring issue
and defined
the emotions that hide behind the face
that never had a reflection.
One’s incapability
to feel                    guilt
            and sorrow                 
for someone
While the tears trickle down their cheek.
Shouldn’t change
your morals.
Because at times,
their tears may have dripped
onto the wooden floors
and unbothered.
Their tissues were never used
and their cries were always
One's incapability                                        to see
the positive light,
through the grey cloudy day
Shouldn’t define you
Because at times,
their light was shadowed
by darkness that hurt.
By darkness that never had hope
to even cast light in a
window of

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