March 27, 2017
By , Pennington, NJ

It’s like my conscious is a lock
And I have handed you the key.
The words you say are harsh,
And they engrave themselves into me.

You hit me, you tease me,
You say things to hurt me.
I know you’re hurting, too
But why bully me?

I’ve never done anything to you,
I’ve never even spoken to you.
You picked me out of the crowd
I wish you hadn’t though.

Sorry i’m not in advanced math,
That doesn’t make me dumb.
Sorry I’m not fast,
That doesn’t me fat.

You tell the teachers we’re friends,
Friends aren’t supposed to hurt each other.
Friends hang out every day,
And have handshakes.

You invited me to your party,
But gave the wrong address.
I looked like a fool,
While you laughed at me.

I'm glad you did these things,
I’m even stronger now.
I’m successful, too,
And where are you?

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