A Taste of Jamaica

March 27, 2017

Fried plantain in the morning
tempts me to grab more.
Tasty stew peas that tour my mouth:
the taste I adore.

Is my favorite the golden fried dumplings?
Crunchy on the outside
but tender and cozy on the inside.
Or is it the rich taste of curry goat?
A familiar pleasure takes over
as I return for another bite.

Savory, seasoned jerk chicken:
fiery, fulfilling, flavorful.
Delicious, delightful mangos
skate upon my tastebuds.
They celebrate like popcorn kernels jumping in a microwave
as I return for another bite.

My family sits down for dinner and smiles fill the room.
Each plate flourishes with Jamaican culture.
Except...we've run out of dumplings.
“No problem, Mon,” whispers Dad with a fresh new batch.
Our food holds us together like frosting on a cake
as I return for another bite.

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