Seared Beef on a Bun

March 27, 2017
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The first layer of beef hits the grill,
sizzling, for the chef to hear.

Next comes the onions,
sauteed to the perfect brown.

The bun freshly sliced,
toasts for crunch.

Fresh vegetables
stack like a tower inside the bun.

The last step:
the perfect amount of ketchup.

I see the waiter,
with a masterpiece in hand.
He gently places a work of art before me.
Taste buds on high alert.

I dig my teeth in for the first bite.
The flavors flow through my mouth.

My food slowly disappears,
but a puddle of grease forms below.

I chew the final bite.

Feeling anything but empty,
I cannot walk.

I gain the courage to leave my seat,
but the feeling of being full hasn’t.

I then kick back,
hoping the food won’t wake me from my nap.

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