The Story Behind Food

March 27, 2017
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Apples: tumbling down from atop the trees,
bacon: a crispy snack to go with your eggs,
cake: the fluff that tastes like a good birthday sounds,
donuts: lathered in a delicious frosting,
eggs: the protein we all need to start the day,
falafel: oh, how I crave that crispy crunch,
grapes: plucked one by one from the vine, gone too soon,
honey: paired with tea, relieves a scratchy throat,
ice cream: satisfying sweltering summers,
jelly: the compliment to peanut butter,
ketchup: the sauce making some fries a crime scene,
lasagna: red sauce in a pasta sandwich,
meatballs: adding flavor to the spaghetti,
noodles: dancing in a pot of hot water,
oatmeal: my breakfast on a lazy Sunday,
pizza: equipped with a cut sausage topping,
quesadilla: melted cheese surrounds chicken,
reuben: a simple sub with loads of flavor,
spaghetti: playful noodles covered in sauce,
toast: starts the day, my morning burnt bread, bummer,
upside-down pineapple cake: sweet and fluffy,
venison: the tough, chewy, gamey deer meat,
waffles: engulfed in loads of sticky syrup,
xacuti: a spicy dish with curry sauce,
yogurt: nutritious, tastes like healthy pudding,
zucchini: long and green, but not super lean.

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