I'm still right here

March 29, 2017
By Anonymous

When I was young I thought of how It was up above
Would It be cold or would It be warm
I thought  If I would do all good, I would be up there
But I'm stIll rIght here

When I grew up I went to church, and they all said the same thing
If you do all good you wIll be up there
But when people say that, I always wonder how It would be
But I'm stIll rIght here

I stIll wonder If It Is cold or If It Is warm up above
And I wonder why do we always have war
I wonder why we all can’t become allies
But I'm stIll rIght here

Now that I am the age I am, I wonder If I could ever know how It Is up there
If It Is cold or Is It warm
WIll there be peace and people all together
But I don't know because I’m stIll rIght here

The author's comments:

I wrote this because ever since i knew about a god i always wondered how it would be uo their and how it would be with him.so i wrote this to tell people that im wondering and if their are people like that their not alone.

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