I Swam With Sharks Once

March 29, 2017
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I swam with sharks once.
We terrorized little fish and
victimized some seals.
It didn't last though,
I found that I was always
biting my tongue.

I ran with a wolf pack for a time.
We competed to be the alfa and
hunted moose for game.
It didn't last though,
no one ever answered me
when I howled at the moon.

I chilled with a chameleon one time.
We ate a lot of bugs and
observed everything in sight.
It didn't last though,
every time anyone strolled by,
we instantly became invisible.

I ran with the cool kids once.
We insulted the uncool kids and
pranked the kind teachers.
It didn't last though,
I found myself saying things
that I didn't really mean.

I hung with the wannabees.
We tried to be like them and
calculated every word, every laugh.
It didn't last though,
no one wanted to talk with me
or be friends with a wannabee.

I spent time with the loners.
We watched hours of TV and
attempted to ingest our feelings.
It didn't last though,
we were always ignored as
if we were part of the wall.

I decided to be me, just for kicks.
I made sarcastic jokes and
stressed over my homework.
I think this is going to last though.
Because ever since I became me,
I could suddenly just be,
and I don’t care who sees.

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