Wonders of Life Pt. 1

March 29, 2017
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I wonder....
I wonder about the sky
And why we cry
I wonder about why we die
& why are we even alive.
I wonder about the moon &
Booms; including everything in
Between that goes swoon.
I wonder about the people who lie
And the people who try to cover up
The lies of deceit, desire, & pain....

Pain, oh pain, the agony of waking to oblivion;
The sorrowful eyes & abandoned cries. The torture of
Coming into the world; This cruel, cruel world
That does nothing, but gives little, yet takes all.
All of the questions in one day would never be
Answered in time – nevertheless, by space &
patience; We still will know nothing at all.

The Wonders of Life, they call it. The questions 
Of why we die, where do we really go when we 
Die, and why do we spend our lives working, and 
Spending, and crying, and trying, and caring--
Caring about someone who doesn't care about us. 
For they don't know, or can't comprehend how much
we put onto our plates to care for them. When will we
learn that love is just a word, a game; a topic that many
find as "lame". They depreciate our love, but we always
provide them with what they want. Why would we do
the opposite of sane?

Speaking of the insane, can you describe, depict, or even try to understand what's wrong with society today? Our enforcement, our protectors are weak, pitiful; a hollow shell programmed, brainwashed to batter citizens for no civil matter. Trayvon Martin, a young, potential mind, accused of an appearance he never meant to produce. And now his life is splattered out of
existence. Emmett Till, a young boy accused of wrongful transgression, was beaten & drown, hated for accusations &
they believed he had to suffer for them now. Brainwashed.

Eric Garner screamed & exclaimed he couldn't breathe, but even that didn't diminish the police' brutality. And now his children have no father to be at their graduations, birthday parties-- how
would you feel, you heartless police if you'd miss your child's big day? Brainwashed. Michael Brown shot like a dog in the street, had a dream; college & so much more, why would someone kill another homo sapien for stealing cigarillos from a store? These are only a few of millions of victims-- victims of discrimination, racism, Jim Crow, & so on and so on.

So, how come so many innocent, young African Americans die at the hands of the law? Visually programmed. What ever happened to being protected? Wrongly influenced. Is God a part of this massacre? Or is the Devil? Why do you do what you do? Kill whoever you want to? One day they're fine, smiling & laughing, a perfect picture of health; then, they're gone-- forever. It'll be a while before the laughs rejoice, the smiles; because knowing someone died hurts for a while; actually, it's prolonged, maybe for an eternity.  Is it the Devil or is it you, God? If so, killing your own children seems kind of odd.

But shall I question the Wonders of Life; how dare I question my life, our life because of my unhappiness-- my dissatisfaction.
Because of the Wonders of Life, people walk around asking questions that will never have answers; and the ones with answers never make sense at all.  They say it's over; that there's no time to save one another; that it's every man for himself. But why? Why do we have to be selfish? Why do we have to fight one another when we're all equal?

The Wonders of Life.... They amaze me with their invisibility, inequality, deceiving, manipulating, cruel, & unapologetic lies. They're no wonders, they're nightmares-- that come out from under our beds, feasting on our fears. All those monsters that we were terrified of when we were kids, oh, they're real. They're the Wonders of Life, never answering our questions for they feast on us before we can get a scream out. Before we can interrogate them they're swallowing us whole; soon as we plead, they're laughing, wishing we'd realize they're the reason we die-- fading out of existence.

RIP- Coach Griggs & all of those innocent of their false accusations-- victims of the Wonders of Life

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