I've Known Sorrow in My Joy

March 28, 2017
By heyimelle BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
heyimelle BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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I knew about the storm before it came
Visions of the slow tango of lights moving in rhythm to the pounding beat of the roaring rumbles
Each droplet marched in time  to the pulse of the thuds
Kindred spirits of the gales moving slowly along with the prestissimo howls of lost souls
Never ending torture of sweet sounds
Orchestras of the rapid crashes and booms play for the deities
While in amidst of the gyre of chaos
No one heard the melody of serenity
Overtures of renewal play through the breeze
Ripping through the clouds a quiet yellow ray struck through the ground
Reawakening of tranquility
Only the stillness of the sea remained
Without chaos  the orchestra could not be heard
In time the storm moved with the allegro of the sea
Nothing ever changed nor remained the same
Music of the earth never stops
You might not hear the harmonies
Just in time you will become one with song like the moon and the sea
Over time the silence will overpower the song
You will continue to move to the unheard rhythms of the storms

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