Always Waiting

March 28, 2017

Love is in the wrong time zone.
Waking up to someone else who isn’t me.
Probably forgot what we did.
Our history, wiped away
As if removing memory to add more room to his phone’s storage.


Did you forget about me,
The way that my hands ran through your smooth hair.
The way that you made these compulsions seem meaningless.  
The way that you were my first everything.
The way that you made me feel has no words.


I see myself talking to you.
I know that I am crazy, but that is what love is.
It’s teamwork, acceptance, fun and delightful, fulfillment, happiness, peaceful.


Making me feel as if the ends of the earth were nothing but a mere staircase to walk as long as the end result was your arms.
But it wasn’t with you.
There no longer was a sense of being okay,
The way the earth is connected to the moon.
Needing each other.


My broken heart cries as I wish you were near me.
Take me back to day when we were together.
When all my worries would fade away with that smile.
Making me smile.


My heart beats a million when I see those new pictures you upload to Instagram.
Disappointed that I am not the man beside you.
The memories spent together are gone, but not forgotten.
You will come back to me one day.
You will tell me that “you love me” again one day.
I will tell you “I love you” one day.
In the near future you will come back to me one day.
Until that day I will be here waiting for you.

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