March 28, 2017
By , Lonsdale, MN

Unfathomable are the crests and troughs
I must traverse to gather with you at that place,
You surpass me though I am your anterior,
Yet your success puts a smile on my face.

What enchantment granted you this wondrous grace?
Rather, why do my shortcomings leave me feeling so inferior?
I long to prove I am worthy of you,
But I cannot shed this decrepit exterior.

Such distance elevates your precipice, my superior,
And each eloquent verse, like water, makes you new.
Yet I lay sullen, left reaching for an unobtainable
Consonance of lyrics I cannot construe.

Your perfection produces resonance impossible to skew.
And now, the true nature of our relationship is ascertainable:
My unyielding endearment to your work has purpose,
Because your love is unattainable.

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