The Nature Within

March 28, 2017

Shed your armor
Drop your weapons
Open your eyes
And see
There is a melody to the world
That you can hear
Beyond the sounds of war
Between the clashes
Of iron on iron
The heartbeat of the earth
Pounds gently and mightily
A green force
Taken advantage of by humanity
But listen
The breezes whisper songs
And the notes are like flowers
Blooming from your ears
And down into your heart
Bare your feet
Beneath them you will find worlds
Of moss carpets
And growing dreams
Golden life swirls under the ground
Streaming from roots to the air above
And reaching for the heavens
On the branches of trees
And on the wings of youth
The wild hides a world
Just beyond the grief of mortality
And the destruction we carry
Every stone is a dragon’s egg
Every floating dandelion seed
Is a heart ready to sprout
Take off your armor
Bare your souls
Pause and listen
The tranquil song of the earth plays
Just beyond the sounds
Of greed and hatred
We all have a bit of soil within us
All we need to do
Is plant the seedlings of our spirits
And our true nature will be revealed
As something transcending
Beauty itself

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