Life of Pi

March 24, 2017

It’s early morning as dew sets.
One man prepares his truck.
He loads it for the voyage ahead.
Ring, ring, ring, telephones buzz.

He reaches his destination.
Carts off the Heavy trays off of the steal mammoth,
each containing it’s own masterpiece
Ring, ring, ring telephones buzz.

The pizzaiolo leaves the trays out as proof of his trade.
Hustling and bustling to finish his work.
His hopes rising like the dough.
Ring, ring, ring telephones buzz.

The man tosses out the dough skillfully.
Every stretch, carefully and masterfully placed:
the pepperoni and sausage, one of countless combinations.
Ring, ring, ring telephones buzz.

It’s a Friday night at Dominoes.
The flustered and faint man still works speedily.
Yet he has peace seeing his own masterpiece.
Ring, ring, ring telephones still buzz.

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