(My) Life

March 24, 2017
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I have come from pain, where every day I
Hide from a man of relation
I have come from sorrow, seeing my mom’s wrists bound by steel chains, whom if not
For me, would be gone of my life
I have come from worry, whilst seeing my family
Split apart, forced by one to choose a side
I have come from hunger, where my father never cared if I ate, going days on end hearing the msuic of rumbles I made.

I have come from relief when I was saved by an angel with hair of red
I have come from happiness, going to the Royal Oak city
And meeting new people like me
I have come from a time where I wanted to die to a
Thin steel blade even more deadly than spiders
I have come from herbs, that euphoric feeling of invincibility
Able to do anything
I have come from music, for without it my story would
End long ago
I have come from bad choices from girls who taunt
Me in between her thighs, which I’ll forever regret
I have come from acceptance, where I am happy
With my choices, for I am because of them
I have come from school, writing litany poems when I wanted to not feel

Wood, but rather, hear the sound of steel strings on wood

That heavenly sound of pure happiness
I have come from… LIFE.

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