Summer of the Sparrow

March 27, 2017
By Maya Caulfield GOLD, Boulder, Colorado
Maya Caulfield GOLD, Boulder, Colorado
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there was a bird in your yard with a broken neck

lying underneath the cottonwood tree
you begged me not to, but I killed it quickly
to end the hurt and the sound of its little pained cries


we buried it deep in a box with old valentines
written in red pen and glitter from girls in your class
I remember a few of them used to say I was ugly
but I didn't tell you,
you were already crying


grass stained knees
running through the dark


pudding with raisins
catching bugs in glass jars


things changed during that summer
I mean
I still came over to eat cake on your porch
cause now it gave me an excuse to not talk
when my mouth was so full


so this time I need you to break my poor neck
press your bare feet on my skin and into the grass
put me out of the misery I brought on myself
and cover me up with sweet loving words.

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