March 27, 2017
By PresCocoRain GOLD, Montgomery, Alabama
PresCocoRain GOLD, Montgomery, Alabama
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You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.
-Rad Bradbury

I know it will happen.

You know it will happen.

That day we'll lose our enamel.


My skin will stop glowing,

Your eyes will start drooping.

My face will gain more wrinkles

as your stomach gains more ripples.


And understand that the enamel

is more than the surface of the teeth.

No. It's the surface of we.


Our bodies are slowly rotting.

But as we rot, we become much wiser.

To be old means to be exposed

like rotting trees with nothing to hide.


And there's no way for the true self to hide.

No way to live by what's on the outside.


They'll see our inner rings, our character,

the stories to share and memories we bear:

those beauties growing on the inside

that never, ever die.

One day,

people will see us for we.

And not for our enamel,

the rotting beauty.

The author's comments:


I wrote this piece "Enamel" as another poke to teenagers who have succumbed to what society and mass media wants to them to be, and not what they want to be---and what we'll all eventually be. 

This poem is very self-explantatory of all the thoughts I wanted to convey about beauty and growing old, so I hope that you enjoy. I guess I can also say that I haven't written about nature in so long, so it's an experimental challenge that was pretty fun to get back into. :)


Thank you.

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