March 26, 2017
By Ntunis BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
Ntunis BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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A book lies upon my leg
Face down, spine open and cracking
Lost in thought, I allow it to lie there until
My reverie is broken by the book
Suddenly falling to the floor
For no apparent reason

It was not pushed
My leg did not move or buck

I ponder how
And why
It fell so suddenly when it seemed so still
For so long
And I conclude

That maybe
The book wasn't so still
After all
Maybe it was inching
Along my leg
Off balance and destined for peril
(Despite its tranquil appearance)
All along

Maybe what I saw was
A tipping point
A point of loss and release
A point of giving in
And not holding on anymore
To a thing from you which you naturally are being thrust away from
However slowly
However much no one else notices
Or sees you slowly falling
As they walk by
Or stare out the window

And i wonder:
How much else in the world
Falls in this way
Leaving us only the bang of the floor
But not their gradual decline
To it

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