The Choice

March 25, 2017
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Being with others,
It doesn’t change a thing.
The fake grins,
Stares across the room.
Needing someone,
Someone to have a life with.
Yet, afraid of settling.
Trying to hold on,
But is this life the best?
As a social status,
I have a person.
They’re never around,
Not at the happy times,
Nor when I need him.
Trying to keep breathing,
But nothing goes right.
Thought I found someone,
But they don’t care.
My hair being torn apart from me,
With my life intentions.
I scream out my lungs,
For only a empty void to hear.
The whole world turning around me.
It’s my time to choose.
Which is the best door to take?
A door with others,
Or with my fallen family.
I can’t be alone any longer,
I have to be with others.
That is my choice.

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