The Day on the Bay

March 25, 2017
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The mist hung heavy over the bay
She was hesitant
He was excited


His smile lured her onto the boat
Like it did so many times before
She wishes it didn’t


He took the jibs

She took the tiller for control


The wind pushed them harder
She suggested they tack
He said to jibe
She listened to him


All control of the boat was lost
They were flung into the water
A cold, hard slap to her face


She screamed
He was silent
She floated back to the top
He sunk to the bottom


Whose fault was it?


Now, one by one
The rose petals are yanked off
Falling to the floor as she repeats
‘It was all my fault’


No one can hear her screams over the running bath water
She wants him to come and save her
He can’t
He’s gone


She wants to get in the tub and sink to the bottom
Just like he did that day on the bay

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