Missing You

March 24, 2017

I sit here

Staring at the walls of my plain room

Missing you

Wondering when you'll be home

Wondering when I can see you again

Thinking about how isolated you must feel in that cell of dread

Each day the same

Every hour wasted

By a crime you didn't commit

But you still pleaded guilty

Tears down my face as I watch you get taken away

Year after year on my birthday


Deprived of the father I grew up without

My siblings can't hold it in as well as I can

I sit here

Hoping to see you again

Oh, how the yearshave passed

It has felt as though you've only been gone for months

But it's been years

They say "times flys when you're having fun"

But why don't we say "time flys when you hold in the pain"

It's all stored up

But it still hurts


Why did you plead guilty

I can't keep holding on like this

It's too much

When do you let go

When do you tell yourself its okay

How long am I going to pretend that I'm okay

I need to let it out

I want to be free

To let it out

Whose side do I choose

Their side or his

My thoughts of him spinning in my head like a tornado

Who do I believe

I sit here

Staring at the walls of my plain room

Missing you

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