Ten Years From Now

March 24, 2017

Ten years from today the Earth will shake and screaming voices will not desist.
Ten years from today monsters will take the place of families.
Dwarves will take the place of miners, vampires of doctors, witches of pharmacists.
Ten years from today nightmares will be peaceful dreams,  and everyone will dance with the dead.
It may seem terrifying now, thinking ahead to all the strange things that will exist.
But to these monsters we will be the calamities.
We will be the creatures they fear go bump in the day.
They will see us as savages who attack each other just because we disagreed.
They will see us as the cruel beings who push others to put on painful masks and jump to their grave.
Monsters will fear the few people, the true monsters, who stumble around in their children's nightmares.
We will haunt their dreams as they have haunted ours,
but we will be much more terrifying, because we will be more concrete fears.
One day none of us will fear each other; people and monsters will live together in peace.
One day a monster will be saved by a child, or a child will be saved by a monster,
and then they’ll see we’re not so terrifying.
And we will see they are not the horrifying beasts we thought they were.
On that day people will be people and monsters will be monsters, but we will all be inviting.
Nightmares will not exist and we will have nothing to dread.
On that day people will be peaceful and monsters will understand.
On that day, ten years from now, the Earth will be a very strange place.

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