The Storm

March 24, 2017
By TheOneWithRedStains BRONZE, Pleasant Grove, Alabama
TheOneWithRedStains BRONZE, Pleasant Grove, Alabama
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Droplets fall on the window
Drip down the clear surface
The rain keeps falling
Pounding on the earth
Lightning brightens the sky
the thunder claps
As the clouds cry out my name
The storm screams my fears
And I start to break inside
Trying to remember how to breathe
Trembling at every sound
Shaking at every thought
There are monsters under my bed
Monsters in my head
Demons that call for my blood
Demons that chant my death like a clock
I whisper, the storm is free
As I let the last lightning strike
I fall to the ground
Not trying to stop the rain
Letting it fall freely
My storm of a soul
Will now finally be free
Where the rain will not run out
And the lightning will not be feared
Where the clouds will not cry for help
And the storm will not scream its fears
My lips are encased with fear
And my voice is hoarse and trembling
But I whisper,goodbye, the final time
Then I quietly jump out the window
Land on my storm
And float away leaving a
Rainbow in its place

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