Last Breathe in a Bottle

March 24, 2017
By ava_strainovici BRONZE, Warren, Michigan
ava_strainovici BRONZE, Warren, Michigan
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The last breath he ever took

will forever be filed in this vile

that hang by a tube 

and sways in my sight. 


As I stare at it sharply,

the memories dance through my head 

and the tears dash down my face.


Some of sorrow 

and some of solace.


Though it's just a reminder of reminiscence

that this small substance has so much meaning.


A half life of 43 years

that was sniped too short, 

has all been condensed 

and printed on to a pocket-sized piece of paper.


His heart beat remain beloved. 

The author's comments:

This poem is about at artifact that I have. Before my uncle passed away, the nurses gave us a copy of his last heart beat, printed it on to a small piece of paper, stuck it in a little vile, and gave one to each of my family members. It is very special to me.

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