Take Me Back

March 24, 2017
By zrockityray BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
zrockityray BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
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The creased leather of the sleeves
The rough black cotton covers the jacket
The warmth it provides as the cool wind nips at my nose
The OAA pin rest gently over my heart
The number 17 on my left shoulder
These are the things that take me back

Take me back to the cool fall breeze in the air
Take me back to the silent bus rides
Take me back to strapping up my shoulder pads
Take me back to stepping across the white line
Take me back to calling the play in the huddle
Take me back to where it all began

So as I continue on this journey called life
And become a purple raider
And have new teammates at mount union
And make new memories in college
And embark on my career
I'll always have something to take me back

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