Chocolate Love

March 24, 2017
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She bites the chocolate and smiles.
The warm outside layer sticks
to her lips.

She chews the chocolate and grins.
The inside of the treat wedges
between her teeth.

She walks, her foot pushing the gravel.
The warm weather sweat sticks
to her clothes.

She hears the sounds of chocolate and cheers:
“A new chocolate that crackles!”
The inside of the candy snaps with each bite.

The noise of the bland chocolate as it’s set on the bench.
“This chocolate only crunches I need one that crackles!”
The boy at the chocolate shop asks for $1 to buy the crackling chocolate.

The door to her house opens as she yells to her mom,
“I need another dollar...I need chocolate that crackles.”
She runs down to the shop and buys the chocolate.

She tries the new chocolate and beams.
The candy’s hard outside softens with each of her bites.
“This chocolate is my new favorite.”

Crunch becomes Crackle.
The chocolate on the bench melts, but not onto her lips.
It’s not wedged between her teeth. The chocolate pools
outside in the heat…crunch is no longer her favorite.

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