The Potato Vendor

March 24, 2017
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“That round, brown thing…what’s that?”
8000 B.C., Incas saturate the soil with a mysterious seed.
“Solanum tuberosum. It’s quite tasty.”

“Any to spare for me? Please?”
Cheap, easy, and nutritious…shockingly innovative to the western world.
“No worries. Almost too many.”

“Bringing them for a journey? Thoughts?”
An edge in strength, endurance, and numbers—a guaranteed victory.
“No doubt. They will last.”

“What happened? Where did they go?!”
The artery feeding the blood to the heart severs. Devastation.
“Phytophthora infestans. I don’t understand...”

“Back in business? Anything to purchase?”
Restoration follows ruin, the country restores peace to its civilization.
“Too many! Everything has changed.”

“Out of business? Is that possible?”
Its absence caused death; now its presence does the same.
“Unfortunately yes. Authenticity rarely lasts…”

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